Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Andy visits

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Andy arrived by plane and train on Sunday afternoon. Hal (and the satnav) drove us down a few tiny lanes (two-way roads wide enough for a single car) to give Andy a "feel" for the area. I think he was duly impressed with the winding skinny roads. But coming from California, he wasn't as impressed with the sweeping vistas as we were. Connecticut has so few long horizons.

We took the bus to Barrow on Monday and breezed through the Chinese New Year exhibits, saying hello to my Chinese friends. There were stalls selling Chinese goods, and several craft tables were set up for children and families. The place was mobbed with children on school holiday.

At the Orange store Andy bought a UK phone. "No returns." Within an hour of arriving home, major defects were found in the phone. The volume switch got stuck. Believe me, Andy was wearing a different face after that.

The return bus to Ulverston was very cold. To get warm, we went to Gillam's Tea Shop. Enjoying teas and scones beside this upstairs window, we could browse their retail items, including teapots, loose tea, and implements of the trade, such as the all-important teabag squeezer.

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