Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dickensian Festival in Ulverston

Click on any photo for larger image.

Note: Most costumes (including ours) were "hired."

Elves and reindeer on stilts

Friends in fancy dress

Friends in not-so-fancy dress

David and Pauline Robinson

This is the end of November and people are actually riding the ferris wheel.

Horse and carriage

Steam bus. The real thing.

Rosi and Hal and Stan and Ollie

Owl rescue group

Gentleman friend of mine


We thought it was a bit chilly, but not so for this bare-shouldered "lady."

Constable clowning for camera

Shop girls

Young buskers

Old-style clothes, new-style communication

Now that's a long dog. Bratwurst

Organgrinder, and her Highness, Queen Victoria (in veil)

Market Street packed with stalls and tourists

Preparing for the procession.

The Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts.

Santa Claus' caravan in background.

Bagpipe band. That's our Barclays Bank behind them.

Queen Victoria judging fancy dress with the mayor and Lord High Sheriff.

Lovely knickers.

Children playing a game with that newfangled electric current. We used to call this game Drunk Test.

Jackie and Janice were two saucy ladies of the evenin' who were ALL OVER Hal. Kim was their cheeky maid: got her from the workhouse, di'n't they. Hal was a target of their affections, but they thought my name was brilliant. Ladies of excellent taste. Next year, I must try the other side...

Warm fire, quiet nights, and friendly barkeep, Thea (at bottom), who knows our names!