Sunday, April 18, 2010

Public art

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There is a man in town, Geoff Dellow, who prepares slabs of raw clay, and then holds workshops for the public to create sculptures, small scale. He fires them and hangs them on a public fence along Gill Bank (our part of town). I couldn't make it to the sculpting session last weekend, but I offered to help hang this weekend.

Geoff Dellow (left)

Sunflowers and butterflies (right)

Wheels on cart turn (left)

Megan's chihuahua and cat (right)

3 pigs, cow, ogre and rainbow (left)

Luminaria on spikes (right)

There were five Americans, including two children, there helping Geoff to hang the pottery. (No other Brits this time.)
I plan to try his workshops. They are very low cost.

Geoff is quite a character, a gadfly even, taking on public improvement projects when he is fed up with waiting for officialdom to act. There is a lamppost downtown which has been leaning for 3 months. Considering this sight to be a disgrace, he is attempting to right the lamppost himself. His blog reflects these views.

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