Friday, October 30, 2009

Oct 28 - Wandering about town

Ulverston has these wonderful little shops, especially jumble shops. Second-hand shops. There are at least 6 charity shops (profits go to specific charities, I think).
Indexing humor alert: Browsing the yellow pages for Furniture - Second-hand, I found this entry: Further education - See Colleges and Further Education, Schools and Colleges - Private, Sixth Form Colleges, Universities. It doesn't sound like something Americans would look up.
Here's another: Castles - See Historic Buildings, Tourist Attractions.

Tea shops will be my downfall.

Gillams' served me lunch the other day. Lancashire cheese and to-mah-to on panini, toasted, with a pot of house tea (pot of tea, pot of hot water, cream, sugar). Very good. The boxes and tins for sale on the wall were colorful.

In the bathroom, I found this gem of a toilet paper holder. Hal said, "It's a good thing you took the camera in the bathroom with you." Oh, that British humor has already gotten to him.

In one of the alleys is this interesting mural. Looks like Laurel and Hardy are in there, as well as the many festivals of this town.

Barclays Bank, in the center of town, has a few odd architectural features. Dutch influence? The tower dome is probably copper.

The old livestock auction house had this blue door, tower and rose window. Color and form.

The newer auction house is at the edge of town, rather than in a residential area. I haven't seen the action there yet. Smelled it though.

The Methodist Church had some lovely windows.

And turrets.

Stained glass on the front face; clear glass on the sides.

This red clay ornament decorated the peak of one wing.

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