Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sep 18 - Wrapup to househunting trip

It occurred to me this morning as we were packing up, that since we dropped off the rental car at the Hertz return and stepped into the elevator and into "terminal world," we will be in a kind of hyperbaric chamber from Thursday evening (Manchester, UK) to Friday afternoon (Providence, RI) - about 24 hours real time. We had breakfast buffet at the Radisson. I tried black pudding (dry, unknown origins - what was in it?) and smoked salmon (not bad). To our dismay, the full buffet for 2 was 35 pounds!!! (Multiply that by 1.6 to get dollar equivalency). Security asked us "Who packed your bags, and when?" "Have they been in your possession...?" Several times in different ways, in various spots. People were not removing their shoes for security, as we have become accustomed to doing.

People in England love to complain about politics - same as us. The education system was discussed. I'm sure it will take us a long time to understand it. After 11 years of school (sophomore year?) students with decent grades go on to the Sixth Form for 2 more years of school. Many kids are done with their schooling after soph year and go to work, if they can find it. In the Abbey House Hotel, the wait staff was very young - about 16. Prince Charles (with all his privilege in education) got in hot water for saying there was nothing wrong with people finding their station early in life.

We noticed differences in British and US life. The Brits (where we were) are not obsessive about sterility and germs. Sugar in many places is served in a sugar bowl (sometimes lumps - white, brown together). Butter (very yellow and tasty) in slices on a plate. These can be left over from the previous occupants of the table, and are subject to crumbs and used tea spoons (double dipping). Less waste. Lots of tea. In Ulverston, they recycle "tins" and glass, but not cardboard, yet. McDonalds, BurgerKing, KFC, Subway, and Pizza Hut are common. Service can drive you mad if you're not flexible. It helped that we had no deadlines this week. I think we'll do fine. I'm sure life is quite different in London, but this seems like it will fit us well.

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  1. Hi Rosi - Great idea to blog. I have become one of your followers! So lead away!! I love your pics and commentary. Hi to Hal. Carol