Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birkrigg Common

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We drove south from Ulverston, eventually crossing a cattle grate which let us know we were on the Common. Sheep were all over the place. The hills look harsh and unforgiving. Trying to find our way was crazy: unmarked roads/cart paths veering off unexpectedly.

These mounds reminded me of a roller-coaster field on which my father used to drive "fast" (it's all relative), and we would hit our heads on the ceiling of the '53 Buick. My moto-crossing nephew would have a great time here, though I don't know if that's encouraged.

So we drove to Bardsea, a pleasant village overlooking Morecambe Bay, and found our way from there to Birkrigg Stone Circle. Actually we stopped at the end of the road, wondering what to do next. I asked a man about the stone circle, and he said to park, walk through the gate and a short way beyond, the circle will be on our left. He said they "regularly sacrifice children there." Ah, British humor.

Notice how the moss thrives here, even in the cold of January.

Sunset over the hedge and gate near Birkrigg Stone Circle.

The stone circle is visible at this time of year. Later on, bracken (fern) obscures it, making it much harder to find.

"Innocent" children playing in the stone circle...

and charred embers on the center stone. Bardsea and Morecambe Bay can be seen to the east. A lovely view fitting for ceremonial fires.

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