Sunday, January 17, 2010


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Stonehenge was our destination on a rainy day in December. We were in the area, and didn't need to be home till evening, so why not? Well, actually, it was more than raining; it was a driving rain with gale-force winds over Salisbury Plain.

(We couldn't avoid the rain spots on the lens.)
The Plain itself was interesting - gently rolling hills, wide open fields for miles, few trees, long views.
The concertina wire (we saw 25 years ago) was gone, but perhaps it returns on Midsummer's Eve, when the Druids descend upon the site. The stones are roped off so you can't get near them, but there is a good path encircling the site. Handsets issued with entrance provide commentary. We learned that the stones are notched in a sort of mortise-and-tenon manner. The upright stones have a pointy piece (shown on the tall center stone below) which fits into holes on the underside of the crosspieces.

It was interesting, even in a downpour.

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