Monday, October 26, 2009

Sep 13 - Househunting Day 1

We are having an adventure. Weather was so bad in Philadelphia that all flights were messed up. Travel agent called when we were almost at Bradley - flights to Phil were delayed or canceled. So we drove to Providence, where we managed to catch the "3:30" that left at 6:15! Packed plane - earlier ones were canceled. Plane to UK was fine - just cramped. Hal was really cramped. We sailed through customs and immigration with a twenty-something woman tagging along. Her sister was supposed to present a paper in Lancaster on Sunday, so our friend had come to help with the baby. Unfortunately, the sister was stuck in D.C.! Plane canceled. The sister was hoping to make it on Sunday before her presentation time. Hal showed us how to collect our luggage and find the train - a very long hike to another terminal. We didn't get a contact for the woman, so we hope she made out ok.

Saturday, we arrived by train in Barrow about 1 pm, took a cab to Hertz - which closed at noon. Cab to our room in a lovely mansion. Abbey House at Furness Abbey. After a long international call, arrangements were made for us to pick up a Hertz car at Manchester airport (two and a half hours away). Another train and long walk to international terminal. Hertz desk closed. Information desk. Long walk back past train station to another terminal. Finally found Hertz desk, AND they have our reservation. Hurray!!! Picked up the car about 8 pm. Long drive to Barrow. I was falling asleep. Fortunately I was not driving. Hal was wound up when we got home, so he had an ale in the hotel bar. But I fell asleep immediately, and slept from 11 pm to 8:30 am. Good breakfast. We've been driving around today to see different areas. It is so pretty here. Green grassy hills. Cows, sheep. Seashore with immense mud or sand flats. Teeny winding roads. Lovely houses. LOTS of places are closed on Sunday.

We bought a pay-as-you-go phone at Tesco's (like Walmart). Picking up a GPS tomorrow. We've had tasty sandwiches and soup. Yes, I am finally psyched. But it's also dawning on me that this will be "home" for two years! eek! (a little bit).

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  1. Rosie and Hal, thank you for setting up this blog. It brings back great memories of my trips to England (hedgerows and terrifying drives, walking paths, lush green, slower way of life, narrow streets and quaint towns). Enjoy!