Sunday, November 08, 2009

Market Days

On Wednesdays, some shops are closed. Many more close on Wed. afternoons. Business hours are lax at times. This drives some Americans mad. It reminds me of home when I was little - all the shops closed on Wed. afternoons. Now, only doctors and dentists close on Wednesdays.

Thursday and Saturday are market days in Ulverston. On those days, no through traffic is allowed on the cobbled Market Street. I got a late start - 11:30 - on Thursday. So I walked quickly downtown, and bought 2 small meat pies and 2 quiche at the bakery, then gingerbread and "fairy cakes" from a baker on the street. By 12 noon, I was putting things away in my refrigerator, ready for my lunch date. Can you shop like that?

The gingerbread is dark, and strong, but moist. Hal and I are totally hooked on it now. Fairy cakes are mentioned often in the Richard Jury mysteries by Martha Grimes. Despised Aunt Aggie is always scarfing down Melvin's fairy cakes. Now I can tell you: they are cupcakes with extra thick frosting. It looks like they scoop a bit of cake from the middle, fill it with icing, and the decorate the top with the cake bits. I just realized the toppers look vaguely like fairy wings. The vanilla cakes were good, but chocolate was dry.

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