Monday, November 16, 2009

Hadrian's Wall

We continued our travels through Lanercost and Banks to Hadrian's Wall.

First was Banks east turret.
Notice the horizontal straightness of the of the walls - and the vertical sides.

The walls were built in 2nd century AD, but have been scavenged for farmers' walls and buildings.

You're looking at "ordinary" walls quarried and laid by ordinary soldiers 2000 years ago!

Driving on, we came to Birdoswald Fort.

The walls here are even on one side, and ragged on the other. Scavenged on one side only?

Left, a kissing gate.

The 19th century owner of this site conducted archeological digs performed here. He so loved the Roman ruins that he gave his son the name of Oswald. Oswald, in turn, sold everything. Perhaps it was revenge for the name.

Site of the granaries.

Granaries from other side.

Sheep in field behind granaries.

Turret on side of fort.

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