Monday, November 16, 2009

Parish Church

On Sunday, Nov. 8, we decided to got to church, now that our clothes have arrived, and Hal has a tie, while I have somthing ot her than my bluejeans to wear. All of the churches seem to start at 10:30 am. Bells were ringing before we left the house (why does this not surprise you?) so we went to the closest church - Parish Church (Church of England). It's a lovely church with stained glass windows and old woodwork.

It's a "low church" - informal. In fact, one side of the nave was set up with cafe-style tables and chairs. Young children seemed comfortable playing quietly there until called down to Sunday school.

Below, the bell tower and entrance to bell tower.

After the service, we were pleased that several people introduced themselves and "chatted us up." We were invited to bell ringer rehearsal on Monday evening. There are 6 bells, each mounted upside-down on a wheel. The ringer pulls the rope, and the wheel rotates 340 degrees, ringing the bell. Next time the rope is pulled, the wheel rotates in the opposite direction.

It sounds interesting. They ring from 10 am (or when they have at least 4 ringers) until 10:27. However, we want to try a Qigong class on Monday night.

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