Monday, November 16, 2009

Carlisle Castle

Saturday, Nov 7 was chosen for our first real outing because Sunday's forecast was awful. The night before was cold, with sleet and chunks of ice on the pavers. So, how was Saturday's weather? Cold and rainy, and sunny. Both, yes. It was laughable that we needed the wipers and visor at the same time. We had a complete rainbow right in front of us. One end landed in a roadside field! No pot at the end of it though. Going north, the clouds were low, hiding the hilltops.

There are lunchwagons along roadsides here. And windsocks - haven't figured that out yet, but I imagine the winds can be viscious. Speed cameras are frequent. Surveillance cameras are everywhere - in shops, on the street, as well as highway. Remember how they were able to trace the London bombers so quickly? This is how they did it.

At one point, we saw sheep grazing in the median strip. In another field, the sheep were all running toward the barn. Seemed odd, until I saw the sheepdog working them. It was a lovely sight.

Carlisle Castle was impressive. Solid stone walls several feet thick. Mary Queen of Scots came here seeking refuge, and was imprisoned.

Below and right, main gate.

Below, tapestry in great hall.

Cooking hearth.

Right, steps leading down
to circular staircase and dungeon.

Below, graffiti - prisoners' carvings in walls.

Above, powder keg.

Rosi and Hal walk the ramparts, with Hal at his post. Right, exiting the castle.

After Carlisle Castle, we headed east to Brampton for lunch at a tearoom. Delicious fruit pie.
Below, Main Street and the Information Center.

Then on to Hadrian's Wall.

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